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Delivery Methods & Process

The delivery process is divided into two categories (external delivery and our own delivery service) depending on the location.

None of the delivery methods we use have a hiab crane.

Delivery Days

Delivery can be selected between Tuesday-Friday.

You can select a delivery date at the checkout.

Delivery Time

We cannot give or guarantee a specific delivery time on your expected delivery date.

All deliveries are between the hours of 06:00am – 17:00pm.

The only exception to this is if you choose an AM time slot on the checkout page for an additional £20+ VAT.

Even with this option, we still cannot guarantee an exact time of delivery, but your items will be delivered anytime between the hours of 06:00am – 12:30pm.

External Delivery Companies

The turf is situated on a wooden pallet and is moved around the truck using a small pedestrian pump truck. 

**Pump trucks can only be used on hard, flat surfaces, such as a pavement or by the side of the road. You need to be sure to tell our staff when ordering if there are any restrictions which might affect the delivery process. You can add delivery notes at the checkout.

Normally, the delivery lorry deployed will be approximately 10 metres long x 2.55 metres wide x 3.65 metres high. You need to be sure that there is good access to enable the delivery driver to make the delivery of your new lawn safely and trouble free.

If the delivery address is on a slope, please look for an alternative delivery spot as the delivery company cannot offload on slopes. Please also inform us if there are access issues at specific times of the day e.g. due to a nearby school. If you have any doubts at all then call us or e-mail us before ordering.

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Dedicated Delivery Service

This service uses our own delivery trucks which are all fitted with a forklift used to take the pallet of turf off the lorry and place it on the kerbside.


Delivery Instructions

We need to know if any of the following access restrictions listed below apply to your order:

  • is on a narrow road/tight road/ cul-de-sac
  • is usually hindered by parked cars;
  • is only accessible via a route with a weak bridge;
  • is on a slope;
  • is close to a school where delivery access will be hindered by school-related traffic; in which case deliveries will be made to avoid school opening and closing times.

If you are unsure whether delivery will be possible to your location, please contact the office on 01902 784866 prior to making your order online.

Please note we only deliver to UK mainland postcodes.


Customers wishing to collect their turf, topsoil or any other product can do so from our site based in Wolverhampton.

We have full loading facilities and turf is cut fresh daily.

If you have not pre-ordered your turf for collection , it is always best to call us first to avoid any waiting and so we can be sure to have it ready for you when you arrive. As turf is a perishable item we tend to not over cut.

We operate a quick turnaround policy so we will always load your vehicle quickly, as we recognise you have work to do and time is precious.

Our collection times are 09.00am–13.00pm and 13.30pm–17:00pm Monday to Friday.

You can collect outside of these times by prior arrangement; we are always happy to help.

If we know you are coming we can be ready for you. 

Delivery FAQs


How is the turf delivered?

The turf is delivered on a wooden pallet and will be offloaded using our forklift truck or pump truck.

Where will the pallet of turf be put when offloaded?

The delivery of the turf or any other of our products is kerbside only.

Can I ask the driver to take the turf to the back of the house? 

No. The delivery process is to kerbside only.

What happens if the delivery is late?

  Although we cannot specify delivery times, if you have paid for AM delivery and a member of staff from our office has not contacted you to inform you of any issues please call 01902 784866 after 12 noon. 

 If you have not paid for AM delivery, your delivery slot will be anytime between 06:00-17:00. Again, if there are any issues with deliveries a member of staff will contact you. 

What happens with the pallet after the turf is laid?

It is your responsibility to dispose of the pallet in the correct manner.

What happens if my access is narrow or too small?

If you have not informed us about any delivery obstructions and the driver attempts to make delivery but cant, the turf will be brought back to our yard and no refund will be given.


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